Our Services

Content Driven SEO strives mainly in Search Engine Optimisation content to improve and increase traffic on your web page, so your business and product are more exposed.

This type of content features keywords which enable your website to be ranked higher in search engines. We offer complete on and off page optimisations at reasonable and low rates. Every day over 2 billion searches are made on Google the world’s leading search engine, this can only mean that the way people are searching for businesses is changing. Now your presence online can determine and is a vital factor to your success and to reach a bigger target audience. In today's market, it’s more important than ever to invest in SEO services.

We are an experienced company based in Melbourne, Australia, who speaks your language. We have versatility, and with a previous record of a wide range of clients, we have proven to ourselves and you that we can get excellent results no matter how big, complex or versatile the project is.

We begin by offering you an initial free consultation; this is so we can learn about your business to plan, design and put in place a personalised SEO strategy which is catered for you and your products or services only. We also want to know what it is you are expecting from us, what type of content, style of writing, frequency of writing per month should you wish to take a long term contract with us so that we can understand your future needs and requirements further.

Secondly, we will assess your current situation; we will put time effort and commitment into this also. Before we begin: we need to work out where it is you currently stand so that we can progress, we don’t want just to maintain or even regress, and we will help you get further. To do all of this, we will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your present online situation and online rankings so we know where to begin.

Following, we will create your tailor made SEO strategy so that your individual company targets are met, and we can assess your online opposition and work out how large your target audience is so we can trace down and select which keywords are profitable and most relevant for you.

Once we have worked out the SEO side of things we need to focus on the content. For a website to be successful, to positively portray its messages and maintain and increase its amount of readers it must regularly be refreshed and filled with interesting, relevant and factual content. Content Driven SE0 is armed with many writers and copywriters who can help you keep it interesting and stimulating to increase your readers and customers.