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Custom Web Design Services

We have been in the web design industry for over 10 years designing custom webpages for our clients from business cards and custom websites and online marketing services. We like the idea of creating website's to suit each business, make them who they are visually and better customer interaction.

Custom Website Design Vs. Professional Template

A Profesional template is one of the best and good options available when looking to build a business website within a budget in mind.

  • Very affordable
  • Professional and clean website
  • Less web development

We mostly use this option for our clients who are looking for a very simple website and just add all the relevant content and images for their business. It does take a bit of work to modified minor changes to the template to make it work.

Custom web design process takes a much longer time than a professional ready template. The designing phases will take up to 8 hours to get it right and approved by our client. From the initial consultation, our graphic designer will use their creativity to come up with a website mock-up on Photoshop for your approval. We study your business industry trends and inspirations to come up something that will suit you.

The approve webpage design will then pass over to our website developer to slice and dice the concept into a working HTML or CMS template ready for content input.

We will then test and implement extra services into your website such as installing Google Analytics code for your report, Webmaster Tools and even Google My Business to get you ready for online exposure. Once ready we will launch your website for the world to see and submit your web page to search engines.


Our Chosen CMS Platform

Our most popular CMS platform we used are listed below:

  1. WordPress CMS for small business website
  2. Joomla CMS for small to medium business
  3. Magento Ecommerce for online shopping solution


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